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Strategic Partners

Serververtek Corp. of Korea

Having worked together since 1990, Servertek, with President June Lee, is a special stategic partner of Cykic Software. Having co-developed many products for the Internet, Servertek now sells Hermes W-ASP products based on MultiBase and dBop in Korea, China, and Japan.


MB-F (InfoDog.Com)

MB-F and Cykic Software go back to 1990 when President Bobby Christiansen selected MultiBase to replace a DEC PDP-11 for the office computing environment. Now they run the top dog show entry web site on the Internet, averaging a million hits a day.


WebLINKusa, Inc.

Cykic Software partnered with Terry Goodin, president of Weblinkusa, in 1995 to create one of the first VPN (Virtual Private Network) units for the Internet.


AMB Solutions

Owner Annette Bernier has been working with Cykic Software since 1999, initially designing the Merlin backoffice, email application, and other plug-ins. Cykic now partners with her to provide backend functionality for custom web sites. She is also a marketing consultant for Cykic.


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