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Cykic Software is a San Diego, California software R&D company dedicated to providing cutting-edge, reliable PC software solutions in record-setting time.  At Cykic Software, we strive to lead in the creation and development of information technology, specializing in Internet database plug-ins and applications, OS/language technology and integration, Internet security technologies, and all things database-driven.  

Using our propriety software, we are able to create web based products that would otherwise be difficult to create with any standard off the shelf package. That's why, in following our corporate mission, we are continually looking to develop Internet products with strategic partners.

The heart of all our software solutions is MultiBase, our combination web server - programming language - database server - networking environment, running in Linux. This product has been in development since 1987, enhanced to embrace the Internet technologies in 1994. All Cykic products and services run in this environment.


About Us

  Cykic Software has been developing PC technology since 1975, when the first 8080 micro-computer kit became available. 
  Job Opportunities
  If you are interested in a career using your dBase and assembly language knowledge, email us at e-mail.

Strategic Marketing / Design Partners

  85-4, Haesung Bldg. 5F, Songpa-Dong, Songpa-Gu, Seoul, Korea
(02) 568-2255
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  Weblink USA
  Virtual Private Network solutions using MultiBase technology.
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  Laughing Coyote
  Animation and Illustrations
Vanessa Forney
Los Angeles, CA  
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  AMB Solutions
  Website Design and Marketing Consultants
San Diego, CA
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