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MERLIN Servers

Welcome to Merlin's product line of Internet servers.  We have created a variety of products to meet a wide range of client requirements. If after looking through our line of products & services you are unable to find exactly what you need, contact us directly to discuss customization:

  • MERLIN E-mail Server - Pro Series
    Performance, reliability, and affordability. The MERLIN Pro series is tailor-made for small organizations and networks. To meet our customer's needs, we have aggressively priced this server to help you get started.

  • MERLIN E-mail Server - Plus Series
    The Plus series targets the e-mail hosting needs of companies and institutions that are establishing or building their e-mail hosting infrastructures. With the MERLIN Plus server you will experience a robust multi-account, multi-email computing solution.

  • MERLIN E-mail / Web Server - Pro Series
    The Pro series is a complete multi-purpose server solution. Designed specifically for small businesses, the MERLIN server is a feature rich, affordable server, which can be set up and running in less then 15 minutes.

  • MERLIN E-mail / Web Server - Plus Series
    Plus servers are specialized servers that target the web hosting and network traffic management needs of companies and institutions that are establishing or building out their Internet infrastructures.


Visit Merlin on the Web:  Merlinserver.com



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