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Weblink USA

In 1995, Terry Goodin, president of Weblink USA, approached Cykic Software regarding a project to create an Internet multiplexor application that would create a Wide Area Network (WAN) between remote sites.

Cykic spent about a year perfecting the product known as a MUX or Weblink. It became a dedicated MultiBase box with one specific function: to create the virtual private network.

Weblink USA has since installed hundreds of these systems throughout the United States. It is still in use today many of these.

Basically this system was an early VPN, using proprietary standards. In order to become compatible with current VPN standards, Cykic incorporated these standards into it's MultiBase/Linux server. All servers now have an option to be configured as a VPN.

Weblink USA is now beginning to convert the old mux systems to the current Cykic VPN solution. Not only can the MultiBase server be a VPN node, it can also be a router, and service websites, email, etc. Definitely a multi-purpose platform.

Visit http://weblinkusa.com to learn more about Weblink.


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