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Servertek Corp.

June Lee, president of ServerTek, has been a technology partner of Cykic Software since 1990. He helped finance many of Cykic's technologies, including:

  • Graphics User Interface (GUI) for MultiBase
  • Graphics library
  • Hangul (Korean) character support in MultiBase
  • Hype-It - one of the first web servers for PCs
  • Email server for MultiBase
  • dBop (web server) technology
  • Secure (SSL) technology for use in secure email, document vault, and CipherDoc applications.

Servertek now sells MultiBase / dBop Internet applications in Korea, China, and Japan, including:

  • Hermes W-ASP - a hosting service for a complete suite of Internet applications - bulletin board, news service, auctions, photo galleries, and more.
  • Website Builder Pro - a powerful tool for building websites
  • Shopping Mall E-commerce solutions
  • Showroom Builder for small ecommerce needs
  • SmartPic - a marketing solution using email
  • CipherDoc EP100 - an enterprise solution to securing documents

Visit http://servertek.co.kr to learn more about Servertek.


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