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Idea Center

We've set up the IDEA Center to help inspire opportunity seekers, such as yourself, who are interested in starting a new initiative, but may lack a new idea. If you are part of a corporation or an individual flying solo, we encourage you to check out just a few concepts which we believe might be interesting areas to get involved in. But don't stop there, let these ideas just be your starting block.

To give you an idea of who we've decided to partner with in the past, we have also added a section called, established opportunities

Our ideal IDEA Partner looks as follows: 

  • Knowledge of a specific market need that we could help provide a solution for.

  • Experience and contacts in the target market. 

  • Willingness to pay at least a portion of our development costs.

  • Willingness to share in the results of the completed product or service.

  • Lack of technology support / knowledge.


New Idea Possibilities:

  • Cheapest mortgage
    A B2B website that can provide loan brokers with the cheapest daily mortgage rate.
  • Campaign Research 
    A B2G (Business to Government) website that provides information on public opinion posted on various message boards.
  • Virtual Education 
    Create a virtual classroom with teachers, chalk boards, and interactive systems. And oh by the way ... test and post the grades on the site too.
  • Member websites 
    A non-for-profit web site that has the capability to offer their member the chance to create their own support websites.

Established Opportunities:

  • Servertek.co.kr 
    Our partner in Korea has been integrating MultiBase and dBop technology into their Hermes ASP hosting, web-site builder, email, ecommerce, and other applications.
  • Infodog.com 
    A B2C website that gives thousands of dog breeders their own "home", including a store, kennel management system, geneology pages, calendars, accounting, and much much more.

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