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MB-F (aka Infodog.com)

MB-F has been in the dog show business for over 80 years. They are the superintendent of the prestigious Westminster AKC show in Madison Square Garden in New York. They are one of the top superintendents in the country.

In 1990, Bobby Christiansen, president of MB-F, purchased Cykic Software's multi-user, multi-tasking MultiBase operating system to run internal applications for their dog show business. Doubling as a programmer, he had written much of the code in FoxBase, one of the early dBase dialects and predecessor to Microsoft's Fox Pro. He ported the code into MultiBase and instantly had a multi-user version suitable for his expanding network needs.

From this early 4 PC local network, MB-F now runs a comprehensive network including web server, internal network server, database server, email server, backup server - all running latest MultiBase / Linux versions. In addition, over 50 PCs are running either standalone MultiBase or MultiBase in Windows, acting as support servers or workstations.

Throughout the years, Cykic has helped MB-F grow their network, from that initial 4 PC network to a 100 PC network; from an early modem bulletin board system to take dog show entries, to the current state-of-the-art web site taking thousands of show entries daily.

The following is a partial list of the applications and technologies running today on MultiBase servers:

Web Site Operations

  • dBop web server services over a million hits a day (average 35,000 visitors a day).

  • Online dog show entry system averages 2000 show entries daily for both MB-F's own shows and other shows nation-wide. Payments are processed through an online payment gateway.

  • Vistors to the website has access to many years of AKC show results and upcoming shows - all updated daily by automatic events that build the web pages.

  • Dog owners can sign up online to become a My Infodog member. Members have the following:
    • Show entry filler for online show applications will automatically fill out entry forms.
    • Customized webmail account @myinfodog.com, with advanced spam control.
    • Access to discussion forums.
    • Online transaction history reports.
    • Keyword search to all information on InfoDog.
    • InfoDog Quick Links to customize links to Infodog services.
    • Odds on a Major - a search tool to find upcoming MB-F shows likely to be a Major.
    • Lower processing fees for online entries.
    • Dog Record Lookup will find the show record of any dog registered in MB-F's database.
    • WABR (Winners and Bragging Rights) allows members to enter dogs and showcase their wins.
    • Show winners will be automatically displayed in "Winners of the Week".
    • Best-In-Show dogs will appear on the InfoDog home page.
    • Priority Email Infomation will email members regarding upcoming shows and pertinent information - on a regular (member-determined) basis.
    • World's Best Web-based Kennel Management Software lets members enter their dog kennel information, track litters, print pedigrees, keep track of expenses and income, and much more.

  • The Ultimate Event Search Tool was recently released to allow My InfoDog members to search for any type of dog show in the country, using a friendly Google map interface.

  • MB-F is launching their Virtual Dog Shog in January, 2007. This VDS will allow members to enter a Virtual Dog Show and upload photos of the dogs they are entering. A panel of qualified judges will judge the show online using an interactive judging tool. Learn more about the judging process.

Internal Operations

More than 50 operators spend their days building and updating database information. Operations include:

  • Maintaining all databases
  • Entering MB-F dog shows, defining all classes, creating judging panels, creating parameter files.
  • Entering all AKC dog shows in the entire country.
  • Processing call-in and faxed show entries.
  • Reviewing / processing online payments
  • Creating and printing show catalogs.
  • Updating all dog show results.
  • And much more...

Visit http://infodog.com to learn more about MB-F.


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