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Cykic Software was incorporated in 1987, but its history really begins in 1975, when a small group of programmers began the project that has grown into today's version of MultiBase.

Under the auspices of a company called Administrative Systems, Inc., located in Denver, Colorado, pre-MultiBase technology was first founded, following the release of the January 1975 issue of Popular Electronics magazine (credited with starting the PC revolution). There was an article on a $499 build-your-own-micro-computer-kit. Three Gateley siblings and one sibling-in-law (Kit, Chris, Ned & Barb) purchased the third ALTAIR 8080 kit off the assembly line. This kit came with 256 BYTES of memory, no mass storage, and a front panel of switches for I/O. And, of course, NO SOFTWARE.

With visionary insight of what the micro-computer was to become, these pioneers proceeded to create a complete operating system and language from the ground up. Starting with switches to input bits, they wrote a Teletype driver for I/O. Then an assembler; hardware drivers for Radio Shack cassettes, then the first floppies; loaders; editors; then a Basic-like language Opus I. Onward into the world of multi-user, multi-tasking - TEMPOS, SOS, SQ1... By 1978, running on this same MITS ALTAIR, a complete dental accounts receivable/billing system was installed for 4 users.

In 1980, ASI merged with American Computer, a hardware company in Los Angeles, California. Packaging SQ and TEMPOS within a specific hardware box, American Computer sold the unit to small businesses for accounting, medical receivables, and other business solutions.

1981 saw American Computer purchased by Gary Johnston of San Diego. The company was moved to San Diego and began to focus solely on medical installations. Kit and Chris Gateley left a year or so later to start their own consulting company (The Cykabien Group), still, however, using the original technology.

In 1987, American Computer was forced to close its doors. Then president Albert Grenier and Kit Gateley purchased the technology rights and incorporated Cykic Software. At that point, MultiBase was conceived. Taking advantage of the popularity of dBASE, FoxBASE, and Clipper, the developers created an xBASE compiler integrated into the already multi-user, multitasking, networking OS. This combination became MultiBase. MultiBase was sold for about 7 years as a multi-user option for standard xBASE-compatible applications.

In 1990, Cykic formed an important and lasting partnership with a Korean company, Tiac Corp., headed by president June Lee. Mr. Lee envisioned bringing MultiBase technology to Korea fledgling computer industry. He financed many joint projects with Cykic Software, including graphics interfaces, support of Hangul characters, and much more.

In 1994, June Lee moved to the United States and started the US company, Tiac C&C. Tiac C&C and Cykic worked together under one roof for a couple of years, developing software for the new Internet World Wide Web market that was beginning to emerge. Cykic turned it's efforts towards creating one of the first Web servers available for PCs - Hype-It. MultiBase was the controlling environment. It was a natural fit for the Web. The integrated database and language were perfect for a CGI interface to HTML pages.

Over the next few years, with MultiBase as it's primary platform, Cykic developed robot (spidering) technology, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), e-commerce servers, mail servers, and it's dBop hosting server technology.

In 1997, June Lee returned to Korea to start Servertek Corp. Using Cykic Internet technology, he hired programmers and began to build ecommerce and other applications that would become the foundation of his Hermes W/ASP servers. Cykic worked in parallel with Servertek, creating the Merlin application server for US markets.

In 2003, Multibase was ported to the Linux operating System (from being a standalone system). This move enabled us to take advantage of the power of Linux and open source code. By integrating MultiBase into this environment, we created an unbeatable combination of stability, power, flexibility, and speed.

In 2006, Cykic completed a full line of hosting solutions for the Internet and now supports many satisfied customers, in addition to its long-term partners and clients.



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